When it comes to cleaning commercial and high-rise buildings, the associated difficulties are quite obvious.

Understandably, buildings over a certain height are hard to access safely past a certain point without the use of machinery or scaffolding.  Even then, there are still areas of the building that are obstructed and hard to access.

With us being the leading Rope Access Company in the United Arab Emirates, Alpine Rope Access Solutions has the knowledge and tools to make sure your building(s) exterior matches the professionalism from within.

Our experience and expertise allows us to be able to provide our clients with transparent, holistic quotes that take into account the seasonality of the city, and their specific needs.
We are competitive and offer big value in each of our quotes.




High-rise Façade Signage is one of the key components that reflects your Brand and gives your customers the correct perception of your business.  People judge by appearances and first impressions count, so maintaining your signs really could mean make or break.

Time and weather are a sign’s worst enemies. These culprits are typically responsible for making beautiful signs become faded, cracked or damaged.
Most High-rise Façade Signs are in difficult to reach area and can be costly to reach using MEWP's or BMU's.  Using Rope Access, we offer a quick and affordable alternative to install new signage or repair existing ones.

Every member of the team is experienced and in sign maintenance, with a comprehensive knowledge of installation and maintenance techniques.



Despite major advances in building materials and construction methods, water and humidity remains a formidable foe in the UAE.


Damaged façade gaskets and silicone allows water to enter into a building, creating leaks that can eventually lead to structural damage.


We have extensive experience in fighting leaks and deterioration through a carefully planned approach to maintenance and repair.


Our engineering and architectural expertise covers the entire spectrum of exterior repairs and waterproofing.​



Our high rise glass replacement and installation services are limitless, ranging from small glass repairs right through to some of the largest panels present in the UAE. 


Our glaziers are experienced window and curtain wall installers meaning we have the experience, knowledge and equipment needed to get the job done safely.

Our innovative rope access rigging techniques mean that most replacements can be achieved without any road closures or large cranes, and minimizing impact for your clients, tenants, residents and members of the public.

Cladding Installation using Alpine Rope Access Middle East


A building’s façade suffers a lot of wear and tear, as it is constantly exposed to the elements.

By conducting annual inspections on structures we can identify areas of concern before they become an expensive issue.


Supported by independent façade engineers we can provide a full detailed audit on your façade after which we formulate strategies to effectively mitigate potential deterioration from progressing and causing further cost and safety concerns.


Our rope access techniques ensure a low footprint and minimal disturbance to the public and your tenants.

Anyone involved in building- or property management will no doubt have been preoccupied at some point by the appearance of the building.


We have the skills and expertise when it comes to all forms of building painting solutions, but we know that not everyone will have worked with rope access services before. 


Sometimes scaffolding is simply unsuitable for a project, and rope access can help you to achieve the results you need without risking the integrity of the building façade.


LED Light Installation using Alpine Rope Access Middle East


Today LED strip lighting is popular among many Architects and Lighting Designers all over the world in various industrial, commercial and residential projects.  


The latest trend being LED screens, captivating millions of viewers, both live and via live internet broadcasts across the world as can be admired on the famous Burj Khalifa Laser Show.

With our strategic partnership, we can offer a high quality and broad spectrum of LED lighting. Our engineering team provides customers with a complete, holistic approach to the delivery of innovative, highly efficient and healthy LED driver and lighting solutions, from initial concept right through to product launch, producing custom-built designs to suit customers’ unique specifications and high quality standards.

Fall Protection Systems Installation using Alpine Rope Access Middle East



The R27LS can be used for fall protection and for rope access. The R27LS system offers the same strong free-rolling ball bearing trolleys as the classic, but has a more robust rail profile, allowing it to handle longer spans without compromising strength.

The system is ideal for both interior and exterior building maintenance and a variety of other work functions where the ability to work safely and efficiently at height is required. Support brackets are offered in a variety of styles for ease of installation, and for mounting on surfaces of different types and configurations. Special brackets are available to mount the system on metal roofs. 

WEB Logo.png
WEB-International Netting and Decking Installation using Alpine Rope Access Middle East


Netting Platforms are a proprietary ‘work positioning’ or ‘walk-on’ netting system. Typical deployments would be high-rise construction projects, the underside of bridges, pipe racks, conveyor systems and associated infrastructure.
Web Netting is a stable ‘walk-on’ tensioned netting system exhibiting excellent tensile strength. This system has been engineered and developed over many years and is constructed to minimize deflection, normally associated with most netting. Web Netting is 5-10% of the weight and volume of scaffolding and is suitable for a wide variety of work tasks.



ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoro Etilene) is a transparent plastic material designed to have a long durability for outdoor applications.

ETFE spread in architecture in the last 2 decades thanks to the characteristics of lightness, transparency and economy compared to glass roofs or facades. Making the most of ETFE’s performance characteristics requires interaction between many geometric forms, materials, and tensioning options.

Accidents are avoided when a person is secured by a device connected to an anchor, cable or anchor plate. In many cases, access is completely risk-free. In other cases, however, access may involve certain hazards (on flat/sloping rooftops and machines in particular). It is therefore essential to manage the safety of access to these areas to minimize the risk of falling from height.


We supply and install a wide variety of Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Systems, to ensure a safe and compliant work environment.

All four systems are fully compliant with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety).